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Library services


The objectives of the College library are to:

  • Identify, select and acquire quality and relevant information materials in print and computer-based formats that will support the courses offered in CITC;
  • Identify the teaching, learning and research information needs of the lecturers, students, researchers and administrative staff;
  • Organize information materials by cataloguing, classifying and indexing these materials to ensure ease of retrieval for the users;
  • Establish information dissemination services to ensure the full utilization of the information resources by the library users;
  • Establish and develop qualified and competent staff that will carry out the functions of the library;
  •  Form partnerships and linkages for purposes of resource sharing and benchmarking;

Circulation services
CITC College staff and students are eligible to borrow materials from the library.

Circulation services include:

i.    Short loans
Refer to items from the Short-loan collection. These are selected items on high demand. They are loaned out for a period of 1 day or shorter loan depending on the demand.

ii.    Long loans
    Refer to items from the open shelves. These are loaned out as follows:
    Students – 1 books for 1 week; renew once
    Lecturers – 3 books for 2 weeks; renew twice
    Non-teaching staff – 1 books for 2 weeks; renew once

iii.    Returns
Borrowed items are returned to the library on or before the due date.  Items returned after the due date are considered overdue and accrue an overdue fine.

iv.    Reservations
If a user requires an item that is out on loan with another user, he/she may request for the reservation of the item. The user will be notified as soon as the reserved item is returned. Reserved items must be collected within 24 hours of the notice.

Other Services Rendered

1.    Reference & Information Services
Assistance is offered to users seeking information. The circulation desk should be your first stop for questions regarding location and use of all library materials, assistance with academic research, and any other library-related issues. It is from this area that you will be appropriately directed for specialized assistance.

2.    Computer-based Information Services
These include:

  • Internet access
  • Searching online databases
  • Downloading materials and printing

3.    Document Delivery Services
The library will send to users via e-mail e-documents such as journal articles on request.

4.    Information Literacy
Information Literacy is the ability to identify what information is needed, understand how the information is organized, identify the best sources of information for a given need, locate those sources, evaluate the sources critically, and share that information.

5.    Photocopying, printing and scanning
The library offers photocopying services at kshs.2 /= per page and printing at Kshs. 10/= per page.

Library Rules & Regulation
The services offered at CITC - College Library will be controlled by the library rules and regulations.
All persons registered as members of the Library shall be required to abide by the following regulations of the Library.
All persons registered as members of the Library shall be required to abide by the following regulations of the Library.


  • Order and silence shall be maintained in the Library at all times;
  • ood and beverages are NOT allowed in the Library;
  • Use of cell phones is NOT allowed in the Library;
  • Loitering and sleeping in the Library is NOT allowed;
  • Brief cases, bags, overcoats and umbrellas shall be kept at the cloak room area;
  • The mutilation, marking or defacing of any Library materials is prohibited.


  • College students may borrow one book for one week;
  • Lecturers may borrow three books for two weeks;
  • Once borrowed books may be retained for a further period provided they are brought in for re-date stamping and are not in demand by another user;
  • The Librarian will reserve any book for any user for 7 days;
  • No one may take any book out of the library unless it is properly issued by the Librarian;
  • If a book is noticed to be in a damaged condition it should be pointed out to the Librarian on duty so that the book is withdrawn for the necessary repairs;
  • Books must not be passed between users but must be returned direct to the Library for proper re-issuing;
  • Periodicals, magazines and newspapers may NOT be borrowed or removed from the Library.

Fines and Charges

  • A fine of KShs.5 per day will be charged for any book whose return is overdue.
  • If any book is not returned for four weeks after it is due, the borrower concerned will be charged its replacement value and an additional of 50% of that book value as a fine. (But if it is then returned and the appropriate fine paid such charges shall be withdrawn).
  • If any book is damaged (and the marking of books will be regarded as damage) or lost the borrower concerned will be charged its replacement value or a proportion of such value and an additional of 50% of that book value as a fine.
  • It is the responsibility of the borrower to see to that a book is in good order when borrowed and if a book is returned in a damaged condition it will be assumed it has been damaged while in the possession of the last borrower