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Welcome to the CITC Chaplaincy

We provide the general spiritual nurture programs, pastoral care and counseling to both the students and members of staff. 

You are hereby invited to partner with the Chaplaincy in all aspects for the honor and glory God. Together we will become Christian servants whose character is sure to be founded on the knowledge and fear of God. And together we will transform the society. On Monday and Friday, students and staff pray and do devotion together whereas on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays we do morning devotions separately.  Then, we have revivals every day during lunch hour. Every semester we have two occasions on which the entire community gathers together for worship and fellowship.

Chapel is an essential part of the CITC regular weekly schedule and includes a variety of worship styles, musical programs, bible studies, retreats and speakers. As a vital part of spiritual growth, CITC members are encouraged to serve the Lord in an active way through the programs of their respective churches.

The head of Chaplaincy in coalition with the program officer in charge of AVEP they always ready to provide counseling sessions to students and staff in areas relating to spiritual development, resolving personal problems, as well as mentoring them.