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Partnerships and collaborations

Danish Refugee Council has been sponsoring a number of students for quite some time. The rapport between us is still strong and working well. The trainee intake is open for youths countrywide. At some point in 2014, CITC supported Belletwaine College in Somali to set up an Electrical, Mechanical and Carpentry workshop, and how to scheme and plan for theory and practical lessons.

UNIMIS also, sponsored some students from Southern Sudan through our College to impact Vocational Education to the trainees. NACADA as well has been sponsoring some students for the past three years. CITC was recently selected to participate in Solar PV Training Program 2015 in partnership with Strathmore University and Kenya Renewable Energy Authority (KEREA)

Why consider CITC:

1)    Well-structured administrative and governance structures.
2)    Highly skilled, competent and experienced workforce in place.
3)    It is registered by Ministry of Education as a TVET Institution.
4)    It is recognized as an examination centre for technical examinations.
5)    It has been in the training market since 1958 with vast experience in training delivery.
6)    Its workshops can be commercialized to adopt current and emerging technologies.